The Visionary, Winds From The South
The Visionary, Winds From The South

The Visionary, Winds From The South

This incredible collection has its soul in the mysteries of WOMAN, and the layers of wisdom, beauty, grace, strength, kindness, insight and spirit that are embodied by womankind the world over. Saskia Lee and artist Kathy Rondel have collaborated to bring you this stunning cushion collection, layering original art to form exquisite patterns to complement the many faces of WOMAN depicted in the designs.

The Visionary sees the secret mysteries of the world. She captures the gentle feathers of time itself, and weaves a beautiful poem of truth and insight. She generously shares her knowledge with those who seek her with an open heart and a kind soul. This is a beautiful, captivating cushion. It would be a stunning addition to any interior scheme.

This cushion offers a different colour variation of the design on back, giving you two gorgeous cushions in one charming package. 

We are proud to be joining the 'less waste' movement, which is so important to our brand. Like all our luxury decor pieces, each cushion is handmade to order in our London studio. 

For bespoke sizes or colours, please contact us via email:


  • Stunning soft velvet or crisp linen/cotton (both sides)
  • Handmade to order
  • Luxury feather inner

Wash at 30°C, low tumble dry heat, hang to dry, do not wring, low heat iron.

  • Wash At 86°F
  • Wash at 85°F
  • Tumble 1
  • Low Heat