Wings & Dreams Scarves, Dear Sweet Pea

Wings & Dreams Scarves, Dear Sweet Pea


Heady fragrance of the sweet peas envelops you as you stroll along cobbled garden pathways, the sky deepening to a rich azure as the sun dips below the horizon... all around the sounds of the day slowly drop away and the last gentle bees buzz an evening serenade and the songbirds trill a gentle lullaby...

Large, beautifully draping, soft neck scarf in the exquisite Wings and Dreams design.

115x115 cm

These gorgeous scarves, in a wonderful elegant draping mul mul fabric, bring our chic designs to your wardrobe. With a soft, touchable feel and a glorious print quality, they look incredible, and are wearable all year round... drape over your shoulders for cool protection in the summer sun, or wrap at the neck for cosy winter warmth.

Wear a Saskia Lee piece and feel fabulous. The intricate designs and stunning colours will lift your outfit with elegance and a vogueish enchantment. Infused with much love and careful design attention, Saskia Lee encapsulates an allure that is both entrancing and natural.

Designer Scarf

Designer Scarf

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Single sided printing
  • Hemmed by professionals
  • Printed with my design
  • Handmade to order

Care instructions

Wash at 30°C

  • Wash At 30 Degrees
  • Low Heat
  • Tumble
  • No Wring