Our Giclee Art Prints:

Using archival papers from the world's leading paper mills, we offer the finest print quality you can find. Our UK print studio uses the latest software and industry leading printers and has decades of experience, and is also Hahnemühle Certified, a Fine Art Trade Guild member, multi-award winning and carbon neutral. A Certificate Of Authenticity is included with each print.

Art prints chosen for our store here at Saskia Lee are pieces by artists who have creativity, flair, talent and their own unique styles. All the pieces we sell are carefully chosen to bring joy into the lives of our customers through colour, form and a glorious array of artistic spirit generously shared in the creations.

Our artworks are prints from original pieces, and also collaborations with artists where the final art prints are creative designs skillfully merging art pieces together - sometimes this can be layers of paintings/drawings/hand made art papers, photography and occasionally digital drawing. They are the final destination of a beautiful journey where the bliss of creating with an unrestrained spirit can be felt - and there is nothing lovelier than sharing this wonderful feeling with people who appreciate the beauty of art and creation.

We hope you find art for your walls here that you will cherish forever, and that will be passed down for generations to come, for it is certain that our pieces will stand the test of time.

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