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Here at our family company we let imagination and expression roam generously, allowing playful and engaging design to set the stage of our brand.


Saskia Lee Décor brings you little pieces of magic to inspire and uplift. Designed with joy, we offer a vivacious and original array of designs to explore. Our collections include cushions, fabrics and wallpapers.


Inspiration comes from a reverence for the gentle but powerful natural world all around us. Enchanted by our earth and all her plant life, creatures, colours, shapes and glittering light, our original art and designs seek to capture and celebrate this.


Our decor is personal and intimate. From conception to finalisation, the process is artistic and skilled. We create using traditional hand drawn and painted techniques drawing from a lifetime of artistic and design experience. To bring our truly unique compositions to life, we layer our artworks in a technical digital process, resulting in decor that is heartfelt, innovative and fresh.


Saskia, the founder of the company, believes in the extraordinary ability of design to impact our wellbeing at the deepest level, and suggests that having pleasing décor in your surroundings can bring you a profound sense of contentment. Our designs offer you stunning colour, gorgeous pattern and meaningful art for your home and life. Every little detail has been thought through so that all you need to do is sit back, and enjoy. 


  Saskia Lee Décor is procured sustainably with a conscience and is manufactured in Britain. The natural world is both a wonder and inspiration, and environmental responsibility is key in protecting our glorious earth. 


At the present time Saskia Lee decor is made to order, with each gorgeous cushion being individually hand made. This reduces waste to absolute zero. A real win.


Saskia and the team welcome you to Saskia Lee.

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 For queries of any sort, including bespoke design and colour, use our contact form or email us at info@saskialee.com