About Saskia

Designer, photographer and passionate creator of beautiful things, Saskia was born and lives in the tiny Island of Jersey off of the coast of France. Daughter to an entrepreneur/interior designer (father) and artist/designer (mother), Saskia grew up surrounded by, and thoroughly immersed in, a vast and colourful array of creativity that encouraged her young mind to see possibilities and potential in everything. Her artistic and adventurous family lifestyle also taught a deep appreciation for design that is ingrained and inseparable from everyday life, and a natural understanding of the way that design affects us in every part of life, down to the smallest details. She attended art college in England, then subsequently gained 2 degrees in architecture from Cardiff University. 

Although studying architecture was hugely technical, Saskia kept creativity at the forefront of life, and supported herself through that time by selling her artwork, exhibiting paintings in her mother's art gallery, in one-off exhibitions and also by undertaking art commissions. Saskia is hugely grateful for her creative heritage and always adds a great deal of creative skill to all areas of her work.

Saskia established Saskia Lee Design in 2001, practising architecture and design alongside photography, which has been a passion since the age of 11. 

Saskia believes in the magic of life, that there are huge energies that we cannot see but that influence us and the world all around. She feels that it is a gift to be intertwined with the spirit of all things and feels that being connected to the beautiful and vast cosmos is the source of her endless stream of creative inspiration. She lives very much in the real world while having an open awareness of a greater existence.

There have been great challenges in Saskia's life, but she has found that being creative has always helped her through. Creativity has not only uplifted, but also been incredibly useful in challenging times.

Saskia cherishes time in nature, has a deep love for animals and the natural environment. Caring for our earth, loving generously, living kindly and gently but also with spirit, passion and determination are the core of Saskia's life philosophy. Family is at the heart of everything, and coming from a family of wondrously loving, generous, spirited, creative, supportive, slightly eccentric people has most certainly made Saskia who she is today.  Saskia has a teenage daughter, Ana Rose, whom she shares a wonderfully close relationship with. They have a mutual love of many things, including horses, and spend many hours together with their Selle-Francais pony Basil.

Saskia regards HOME as a place to be, to be happy, to be fully yourself, to be peaceful, to be playful, to express yourself and also as an important sanctuary, a place to heal. It is one of her true passions. She has created homes for herself, and now also for her daughter, that have been admired for their chic creative style, homeliness and their sense of peace. Helping others find ways to increase happiness in their homes through design that is perfect for them is a satisfying part of her work, involving house design from architecture through to interiors and styling.

Saskia's recent creation of a lifestyle range of fabrics, wallpapers, cushions and accessories is a long held dream. She has collaborated with her talented mother, Kathy Rondel on most of the designs, and Kathy's art is the inspiration for many of the wonderful creations. Saskia draws her design inspiration from a huge well of inner creativity that she says flows endlessly to her. Many of the beautiful pieces found here are designed by layering her mother's artwork with her own drawings and designs, resulting in rich, exciting and original prints and panels. 

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