WOMAN, The Seer

Woman cushion, The Seer

The Seer watches the secrets of the world in the circle of the universe, a magnificent play of potential being woven into life’s beautiful happenings. She gently brings them to you in gorgeous patterns of insight and mystery, and colours to connect to your souls’ yearnings. She offers you the world in all that is attainable and says that your life is yours to choose. What she sees for you is just a stirring… the beginnings of all your glorious possibilities.

This incredible collection has its soul in the mysteries of WOMAN, and the layers of wisdom, beauty, grace, strength, kindness, insight and spirit that are embodied by womankind the world over. Saskia Lee and artist Kathy Rondel have collaborated to bring you this stunning cushion collection, layering original art to form exquisite patterns to complementing the many faces of WOMAN depicted in the designs.

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