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Saskia Lee luxury decor and accessories come to you from a place of dynamic, passionate creativity. A place where skillful design meets a playful sense of wonder. Artisan designers collaborate and weave unique artworks together, resulting in striking and extrordinary pieces.

Underpinning the creativity is an incredible wealth of experience in art, design and architecture. This vast background knowledge combined with such natural creative flair is how Saskia Lee decor stands apart, and why it is as timeless as it is magically elegant.

2022 and 2023 will see our store expand into an exciting online boutique experience, filled with home and lifestyle delights... a place to find stylish designer pieces, fabrics, cushions, wallpapers, accessories & more... to enrich your home & life.

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By Saskia Rondel on Jun 19, 2022

Out of the subconscious and the collective consciousness and the wisdom of ancient minds, of hearts connected to souls… and from where the molten centre of the earth shoots fiery red threads into the gossamer silvery threads of the moon.

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He'Art For Ukraine

Send love & light into the world by spreading peace & joy. Join with us in powering up loveliness to create a community of positivity for all. 

This cushion collection has been designed especially for the devastation happening in Ukraine... on hearts, minds & souls.

It has been purposely designed to reflect a vision that is the total opposite of the sadness & outrage happening there. You can't fight fire with fire. We seek to add only loveliness into the world, and hope to support this population of people with our creations.

Proceeds from the sales of these pieces will be sent to the appeals that have been officially set up, and may change as time moves on, so that we send the funds to the best possible source for these stricken people, and their beautiful land & animals.

Help us by sharing this collection. We cover our costs, and the rest of your money goes to the people in need in Ukraine.

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